Ontario's Best Butter Tart Festival 2024

Ontario's Best Butter Tart Festival 2024

June 8

Midland Midland, Ontario, Canada

Ontario's Best Butter Tart Festival is an annual event held in the charming town of Midland, Ontario. This celebration is dedicated to the beloved Canadian dessert, the butter tart.

History of the Butter Tart Festival in Midland

The festival is a sweet tradition that started in 2013. Since then, it has grown into a massive event, attracting over 60,000 visitors and cementing Midland's reputation as the butter tart capital of Canada.

What to Expect at Ontario's Best Butter Tart Festival 2024

Get ready for a day filled with sweets. The festival transforms downtown Midland and the waterfront parks into a sugary wonderland with 200,000 butter tarts sold on this day. Over 200 vendors showcase their unique butter tart creations, from classic raisin to bold varieties like bacon maple and s'mores. There's something for everyone.

Live music fills the air, with street musicians keeping the energy high all day long, and artists of various genres performing on stage. Don't miss the exciting contest where professional bakers and home bakers compete for the prestigious title of Ontario's Best Butter Tart. It's also a very family-friendly event, welcoming children.

Schedule for Ontario's Best Butter Tart Festival 2024

9 AM: Official festival opening with Midland Drummers and Pipers 10 AM - 5 PM: Live music on stage 10 AM - 3:30 PM: Butter tart contest by Egg Farmers of Ontario
10 AM - noon: Judging of traditional butter tarts 1 PM - 3 PM: Judging of original "wild" butter tarts 3:15 - 3:30 PM: Announcement of the best butter tart

Food and Drink

Of course, the star of the show is undoubtedly the butter tart

Of course, the star of the show is undoubtedly the butter tart.

You will find an incredible variety of flavors and styles, including gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, and sugar-free options. In addition to butter tarts, the festival offers a wide selection of food and beverages from local vendors, catering to all gastronomic desires.

Other Butter Tart Festivals

Midland is not the only place hosting a butter tart festival. The Paris, Ontario (not France) Butter Tart Festival will be held on May 25, 2024, and the Burlington Butter Tart Festival on August 10, 2024.

What to See in Midland, Ontario

Midland is a beautiful town located on the shores of Georgian Bay. During your visit to the festival, be sure to explore the charming downtown area with its shops and restaurants. Stroll along the scenic waterfront or visit the Martyrs' Shrine - a Catholic church and local landmark overlooking the bay. For a historical experience, visit the Huronia Museum - a historical reconstruction of a 17th-century Huron-Wendat village.

How to Get to Midland, Ontario

Fly into Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ). Direct flights connect London to Toronto on Air Canada, American Airlines, and Lufthansa. Similar direct flights are available from Miami on Air Canada, American Airlines. From New York, fly with Air Canada or Porter, and the same airlines also operate flights from Los Angeles.

From Toronto, the most convenient way to get to Midland is by rental car, train and bus, or bus. It takes approximately 2 to 4 hours. By train, travel north from Union Station to Barrie, then transfer to a local bus. The distance is about 160 km.

Additional Information on Ontario's Best Butter Tart Festival

Official website of the Midland Butter Tart Festival: "https://www.midland.ca/en/community-tourism-culture/ontarios-best-butter-tart-festival.aspx