Roskilde Festival, Denmark

Roskilde Festival, Denmark

June 29 – July 6

Roskilde, Denmark

In the heart of Denmark, in the picturesque town of Roskilde, a grand musical event unfolds once a year, attracting music lovers from all over the world. The Roskilde Festival is not just a series of concerts; it is an entire universe where music merges with the spirit of freedom, and the energy of thousands of fans creates a unique atmosphere. In addition to the music program, the festival is a blend of art, activism, and community involvement.

Festival history

The origins of Roskilde date back to 1971

The origins of Roskilde date back to 1971, when a group of students decided to organize a small music festival to raise funds for the creation of an educational center. Since then, this event has grown into one of the largest and most famous music festivals in Europe, annually attracting tens of thousands of visitors. The festival has united generations around themes of art and community, involving 30,000 volunteers.

Festival program

The Roskilde Festival is renowned for its eclectic program, capable of satisfying the tastes of the most diverse music lovers. This year, the organizers have exceeded all expectations by inviting headliners such as The Foo Fighters, Sza, Skrillex, and Doja Cat. Other confirmed artists include PJ Harvey, Jungle, Ice Spice, Aurora, and J Hus. Hundreds of musical acts from around the world, representing all genres, will perform on numerous stages.

Dates and venue

The Roskilde Festival 2024 will take place from June 29 to July 6 in the eponymous Danish town, located just 30 kilometers from Copenhagen. The main venue will be the huge Dyrehavsbakken park, where numerous stages, campsites, and entertainment zones will be set up.

How to get there

You can reach Roskilde by various means:

  • By car: From Copenhagen, follow the E47 highway towards Roskilde, then turn onto Ringway and follow the signs to Dyrehavsbakken park.
  • By train: Direct trains from central Copenhagen to Roskilde station depart every 20 minutes. From the station, you can take special free buses to the festival.
  • By bus: Direct buses run from Copenhagen to Roskilde. The stop is located close to the park.

Trip organization

When planning a trip to the Roskilde Festival, consider several important points:

  • Tickets: Purchase entrance passes in advance on the official website, costing around 2400 Danish kroner plus a fee (about 280 pounds). In addition to live performances, attending the festival supports a charitable cause, as all profits are donated to humanitarian, non-profit, and cultural activities through the festival's Charity Society. Since its inception, about 55 million euros have been raised for charity.
  • Accommodation: For full immersion in the atmosphere, it is recommended to stay at the festival campsite within the park (cost included in the ticket). You can also use the public campsite by donating to charity.
  • Food: There are many food outlets on-site. You can also bring your own food and drinks.
  • Weather: July in Denmark is the height of summer, but evenings can be cool. Be sure to bring warm clothing and rain gear.
  • Sustainability: Organizers take a holistic approach to sustainability, including economic, artistic, social, and environmental sustainability.


The Roskilde Festival is not just a musical event; it is a true oasis of freedom, energy, and creativity, combining music, art, activism, and community involvement. Join this grand celebration of life and discover new horizons of the musical world!