Cheng Chau Bun Festival, 2024

Cheng Chau Bun Festival, 2024

May 12 - May 16

If you love Chinese buns, the Cheng Chau Bun Festival may be just for you. Held annually on the island of Cheng Chau in Hong Kong, this celebration attracts tens of thousands of local and international tourists who join the 25,000 island residents, making it one of the most important cultural events in Hong Kong.

What is the Cheng Chau Bun Festival in Hong Kong?

Believed to have originated from Daoist rituals marking the end of an epidemic, the festival traditionally included a massive bun scramble where hundreds would climb bun-covered towers, grabbing as many treats as possible and distributing them to the crowd. Following an accident in 1978 when one of the bamboo towers collapsed, the twenty-meter structures are now made of steel, and competing climbers use safety harnesses, making your pursuit of one of the 60,000 buns much less risky.

Due to Covid, the festival was not held for three years, but it resumed in 2023.

What to Expect at the Cheng Chau Bun Festival 2024

What to Expect at the Cheng Chau Bun Festival 2024

The bun climbing competition is probably the most lively event of the festival, but other highlights include the Piu Sik Parade—a colorful procession where children dressed as mythological heroes float above the crowd, suspended in steel frames at the tips of swords and paper umbrellas. Other activities include lion dances, music, a parade of bright boats, Daoist ceremonies, and of course, plenty of food stalls.

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The two main events—the Bun Climbing Competition and the Piu Sik Parade—take place on the last day, with the Competition occurring late in the evening. A good place to visit is the 200-year-old Pak Tai Temple, which becomes the festival's hub. If you need a break from all this, check out Tung Wan Beach on the other end of the island—just a ten-minute walk through streets filled with shops. So, if you're nearby, why not stop by and enjoy the festive atmosphere?

When is the Cheng Chau Bun Festival 2024?

It will be held from May 12 to May 16, 2024, and will conclude when participants climb the tower at the Pak Tai Temple.

How to Get to the Cheng Chau Bun Festival

It's a short ferry ride from Pier 5 in Central to the Cheng Chau Ferry Pier. When you arrive at the Cheng Chau Ferry Pier, turn left and follow San Hing Praya Street until you reach Kwok Man Road (about ten minutes) on your right. Turn right onto Kwok Man Road, then immediately turn left onto Pak She Street. Continue walking for about four more minutes.

More Information About the Cheng Chau Bun Festival:

Visit the Festival page on the Discover Hong Kong Tourism Board's website. Check their website for more details about Hong Kong and the numerous wonderful and diverse events you can enjoy while staying on the island.