Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver

Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver

July 5 - July 7

CherryArts 2 Steele Street, Suite B100, Denver, Colorado, USA

CherryArts is a non-profit organization that believes art should be for everyone and that it is essential. Each year, it hosts the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, one of the largest art festivals in the USA. It features over 250 artists, both local and international.

History and traditions of the festival

The Cherry Creek Arts Festival began in 1991 when a group of enthusiasts decided to create a unique cultural event in the heart of Denver. The organizers aimed to make art accessible to all residents and visitors of the city, so the festival was initially conceived as a non-profit project. Since then, it has become an integral part of Denver's cultural life and is recognized as one of the leading art festivals in the USA.

Program and main highlights of the festival

Program and main highlights of the festival

The festival includes live music, information on art education, food, and entertainment for children, and, of course, art. Various genres and directions of art are represented here, including painting, sculpture, photography, installations, and much more. Visitors can enjoy impressive works created by talented artists from all over the world.

In addition to the exhibition program, the festival offers many interactive activities, master classes, and performances. Here you can try various types of creativity such as painting, sculpture, dance, and music under the guidance of professional artists and teachers.

Special attention is given to the cultural heritage and traditions of Native American peoples. Visitors can learn about their art, crafts, and customs through workshops, exhibitions, and demonstrations. CherryArts also provides art education programs to more than 40,000 students in Colorado, supporting the development of creative talents among the youth.

Dates and location

This year, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival will be held from July 5 to July 7 in the picturesque Cherry Creek neighborhood, located in the heart of Denver. The main venue of the festival is located at CherryArts 2 Steele Street, Suite B100, Denver, Colorado, USA.

How to get there

You can reach the festival venue in various ways:

  • By car: The festival is a few minutes' drive from downtown Denver. Use a navigator to route to CherryArts 2 Steele Street, Suite B100. Paid parking is available near the venue.
  • By public transport: You can reach the festival by metro or bus. The nearest metro station is Cherry Creek (E line), and bus routes 83L and 83D stop right next to the festival venue.
  • On foot or by bicycle: If you are staying at a nearby hotel, you can walk or use the city bike rental system.

Additional useful information

To fully enjoy the festival, we recommend planning your stay in Denver in advance. Book a room in one of the many hotels or guesthouses located in the Cherry Creek area. Here you will also find many restaurants and cafes with diverse cuisines for every taste.

Be sure to check the festival program in advance to plan your time and not miss the most interesting events. We also recommend bringing comfortable shoes, a hat, and sun protection, as most of the festival takes place outdoors.

The Cherry Creek Arts Festival is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of creativity, inspiration, and cultural diversity. Visit this unforgettable event and discover new facets of art!

Other attractions in Denver

Other attractions in Denver

Denver has the Museum of Contemporary Art with many artworks from Native American peoples. There is also a botanical garden and a zoo. You can also try gastronomic and wine tours or explore the Rocky Mountains right at your doorstep. More detailed information about amazing attractions in Denver, Colorado, can be found here.