Ealing Beer Festival, London

Ealing Beer Festival, London

July 10 – July 13

Walpole Park, Mattock Lane, London, UK

Summer is the perfect time for lovers of the amber drink, as refreshing with a frothy beer on hot days is delightful. There's no better place for this than the Ealing Beer Festival! From July 10 to 13, 2024, Walpole Park in the London borough of Ealing will transform into a beer Mecca, gathering craft beer enthusiasts from around the world under its green canopy. Held every July in Walpole Park, the Ealing Beer Festival is a highlight in the series of summer events in the London borough. This year marks the 33rd anniversary of the largest open-air beer festival in the UK's capital, organized by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).

History and Traditions

Ealing Beer Festival – one of the most anticipated events for British brewers

The Ealing Beer Festival is one of the most anticipated events for British brewers and beer enthusiasts. Its history dates back to 1979 when the local branch of the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Beer Styles (CAMRA) first organized a beer festival in Ealing. Since then, this event has become an annual tradition, gaining popularity far beyond the UK. The event, organized by the West Middlesex branch of CAMRA, will offer more than 320 types of real ale from various breweries across the UK, with different strengths and styles to suit all tastes.

Program and Highlights

Each year, the festival features over 1,000 types of beer from hundreds of breweries worldwide. Guests can enjoy classic English ales, Belgian Trappist beers, German lagers, American craft IPAs, and many other amazing beverages. If real ale isn't to your taste, there will also be plenty of cider and perry, as well as international beers and English wine.

In addition to tastings, the festival hosts themed masterclasses, lectures from brewers and industry experts, guest competitions, and an incredible beer show. Every evening, musical bands from London and other countries will perform for the guests. Traditionally, the festival atmosphere is one of fun and hospitality – it's a place to meet like-minded people and industry professionals. It seems that the sun always shines at the largest open-air CAMRA beer festival in London.

Dates and Location

In 2024, the Ealing Beer Festival will take place from July 10 to 13 in Walpole Park

In 2024, the Ealing Beer Festival will take place from July 10 to 13 in Walpole Park, located at Mattock Lane, Ealing, London. The festival runs from noon to 10:30 PM each day, except Saturday when the celebration ends at 8:00 PM.

You can get to the venue in various ways:

  1. By metro: the nearest station is Ealing Broadway (District Line), a 10-minute walk from the park.
  2. By bus: routes E3, E8, E10, and others to the Ealing Common stop, then a 5-minute walk.
  3. By car: convenient parking is available around the park.

Visitor Recommendations

To fully enjoy the festival, we advise:

  1. Book accommodation in advance in the Ealing area or nearby areas of London.
  2. Review the list of beers on offer before your visit and make a must-try list.
  3. Bring a reusable eco-cup or mug to reduce the amount of disposable tableware.
  4. Have cash on hand, as some vendors accept cash only. A wide variety of food will be available, from goulash to fish finger sandwiches and cheese toasties, to sausages and pies from local and small producers, to help soak up the alcohol.
  5. Discover new and unusual flavors – half the fun of the festival is experimenting!
  6. Plan snacks at one of the food trucks or restaurants near the park.
  7. Take your time – there's plenty to choose from. Tickets can be purchased at the event, but priority tickets costing £20 (2023 Ealing Beer Festival price – 2024 price subject to confirmation), which include £10 worth of beer vouchers, a festival glass, and a program, can be bought in advance. CAMRA members receive a discount.

The Ealing Beer Festival highlights the quality and variety of the best British ales and supports the goals of the CAMRA campaign.

Get ready for an unforgettable beer journey in the heart of London! The Ealing Festival is a must-visit event for all beer art lovers. It kicks off a series of events held in Ealing in the summer, including comedy, opera, jazz, blues, and world music festivals.