Preparing for a Long Trip: Essential Points to Include in Your Checklist

Preparing for a Long Trip: Essential Points to Include in Your Checklist

Preparing for a long trip isn’t just an exciting adventure, but also demands careful planning to ensure your safety, the security of your property, and sustainability. Whether you're embarking on a cross-continental hiking journey or setting off for a prolonged business trip, considering several key aspects is crucial.

From reliable storage of your belongings to minimizing your ecological footprint – let’s explore what’s necessary for a successful and responsible journey.

Securing Belongings in Self-Storage

When you're away for an extended period, safeguarding your belongings becomes a top priority. Renting a self-storage unit is a reliable solution. Self-storage facilities offer a variety of unit sizes and security measures, from simple lock-and-key systems to sophisticated surveillance and climate control.

In choosing a storage facility, consider its location, accessibility, and customer feedback. Ensure it features strong security measures like CCTV, gated entry, and possibly individual unit alarms. Opting for climate-controlled units is wise for storing sensitive items like electronics, musical instruments, or important documents.

Home Insurance: Protecting Your Sanctuary

While ensuring the safety of your belongings, it’s equally essential to secure your home during your absence. Here, a robust home insurance policy is vital. Review your existing home insurance policy before you leave. It should cover potential risks like burglary, natural disasters, or fire.

If your policy needs an update or if you’re currently uninsured, now’s the time to find a policy that fits your needs. Factors to consider include the value of your property, its contents, and any specific risks associated with your area.

Home and Property Care

Before setting off on a lengthy journey, securing and maintaining your home is essential. Consider hiring a property manager or entrusting the care of your home to a reliable friend or relative. Install a security system with remote access capabilities to monitor the situation from anywhere. Ensure you disconnect all unnecessary electrical appliances and check heating and plumbing systems to avoid unexpected incidents and extra expenses. Secure your home against potential risks like leaks, fires, or intruders.

Pet Care

If you have pets, arranging their care is crucial. Consider leaving them with trusted relatives or friends or using professional pet-sitting services. Leave detailed instructions for their care, including dietary preferences, habits, and care requirements. Ensure your pet has all necessary vaccinations and access to veterinary care if needed.

Work Obligations Management

Before departing on your trip, it's important to sort out all work-related matters. Transfer your current tasks to trustworthy colleagues or deputies and discuss the details of your temporary absence with your superiors. Set up autoresponders in your email and other work tools to inform colleagues and partners about your unavailability. This ensures that your work won’t suffer during your absence.

Communication with Family and Relatives

Staying in touch with loved ones is a key aspect of long-term travel. Determine convenient ways of communication, whether through regular calls, messages, or video calls. Establish a plan for emergencies so your family knows how to act and where to reach out if something happens to you. Share copies of important documents and contact information with them.

Financial Planning and Billing

Having a clear financial plan is incredibly important for a long-term journey. Make sure all your bills and payments are set up for automatic payment in your absence. Inform your bank about your travel plans to avoid any unexpected card freezes due to unusual activity. Consider using travel-friendly bank cards that offer low or no foreign transaction fees. Regularly tracking your bank transactions can help you monitor your spending and prevent any fraudulent activities.

Medical and Legal Matters

Don't forget about medical and legal aspects of your departure. Arrange for powers of attorney for trusted individuals in case of important decisions in your absence. Prepare medical documentation for possible medical interventions and ensure you have contact details of your doctor and insurance company.


Preparing for a long trip involves more than just packing your bags. It’s about securing your home and belongings, organizing your finances and communication channels, and adopting sustainable travel practices. By addressing these key areas, you can set off on your journey with confidence and peace of mind. Remember, the more thorough your preparations, the more enjoyable and worry-free your travel experience will be. Take these recommendations to heart and set off on your adventure, knowing you’ve laid the groundwork for a safe, sustainable, and memorable trip.