Romerias de Mayo, Holguin, Cuba, 2024

Romerias de Mayo, Holguin, Cuba, 2024

May 3 - 8, 2024

Romerias de Mayo, a traditional religious parade, has evolved to combine old rites with modern elements. This festival, held in the eastern city of Holguin, has become one of Cuba's largest cultural events. A week of colorful parades, diverse musical performances, and dance shows brings the city to life with joy and energy.

The music program spans a wide range of genres, from traditional Cuban music to classical, jazz, and acoustic performances. In addition to the music, guests can enjoy a variety of dances, arts, and workshops. However, the most striking spectacle might be the street processions, dazzling with their vibrancy and energy.

The atmosphere is reminiscent of a carnival, with various groups following themes or cultural events, some on floats, and others in costumes symbolizing something meaningful. This creates a vibrant kaleidoscope of cultures and symbols.

This festival is gaining popularity among those interested in Latin America, attracting not only locals but tourists from around the world.

History of Romerias de Mayo

History of Romerias de Mayo

Romerias de Mayo traces its origins back to 1790, as a Catholic celebration of placing the cross on Loma de la Cruz by the Franciscan Friar Antonio de Alegria. Since 1994, the festival has expanded to include the World Festival of Young Artists, making it one of Cuba's largest cultural events.

Other Activities in the Region

Holguin is the fourth-largest city in Cuba, preserving its history and cultural heritage. The city has museums of history, nature, and arts, as well as many colonial-era buildings, including an 18th-century cathedral. You can also visit Calixto Garcia Park and climb Loma de la Cruz for a panoramic view of the city.

On the northern coast of the province, there are white-sand beaches: Guardalavaca, Pesquero, and Esmeralda. This region also includes the Pico Cristal National Park, offering numerous trails for hiking.

How to Get to the Festival?

International flights arrive at Jose Marti Airport in Havana from various cities, including Amsterdam, Fort Lauderdale, Frankfurt, Houston, London, Miami, Madrid, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, New York, Orlando, Paris, Rome, Tampa, and Toronto. From Havana, you can reach Holguin by local flights from Aerogaviota and Cubana.

With the growth of tourism, the Frank Pais Airport in Holguin also handles international flights from Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, Munich, and Toronto, located just 8 miles southwest of the city.

Car Rental in Holguin

To explore Holguin and its surroundings, you can rent a car, allowing you to explore the city and its beautiful surroundings at your own pace. This gives you the flexibility to plan your route and enjoy the journey, whether visiting the festival itself or exploring beaches and natural parks.