Pink Soup Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania 2024

Pink Soup Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania 2024

June 1

In the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, a unique festival is held dedicated to the national dish - the cold beetroot soup "šaltibarščiai," better known as pink soup. On June 1, 2024, the city will be transformed into a vibrant pink, turning into a real-life Barbie fairyland.

Pink Soup Fest

"Pink Soup Fest" is not just a gastronomic celebration, but a true cultural phenomenon that brings together traditions, art, and entertainment. In addition to tasting various variations of pink soup prepared by the country's best chefs, visitors can participate in theatrical performances, folk craft workshops, and concerts by Lithuanian music groups.

On this day, the Vilnius TV Tower will be dressed in an unusual pink "outfit," and the famous Bastion Hill will transform into a giant slide from which the daring can jump into a huge "bowl" of pink soup. For those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, viewing platforms with picturesque views will be organized.

Pink soup has long been a favorite dish of Lithuanians during the hot summer months. Initially, it was prepared by peasants from simple ingredients - beetroot, kvass, and vegetables. Over time, "šaltibarščiai" has become a real delicacy, recognized far beyond Lithuania.

pink soup in Lithuania

To participate in "Pink Soup Fest," just come to Vilnius. The Tymo Market and other venues throughout the city will transform into huge gastronomic spots where you can taste Lithuanian pink soup and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a bright festival.